Just upgraded to team plan - No access

Hi. I just upgraded to a team plan but the account status in my preferences still reads as ‘personal’. Could someone please explain how this works.

Thank you

Yes, Team plan comes on top of your plan.

So you have this on your Dashboard now:

And if you unfold it, you’ll see your teams:



I see! Thank you!! So do I then also have to upgrade from personal to pro or ‘team’?

you can have a Starter (Free) account and still be part of a Team plan

Dammit! Decades of patiently & secretly invading Earth and being let down by a screencap…

Going to go eat some mice for comfort.

No, as @nelson says, Teams are not linked to plans. That’s bette this way, so anyone can join a team: a pro, or someone with a free account. Also you can change your plan and it never affects the team. It seems to be a weird concept at first but you’ll soon understand the benefits of it :slight_smile:

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