Can I reuse a template if I don't publish the project?


I’m teaching myself Webflow. As part of my learning process, I’d love to purchase a premium template and dissect and add=on to it.

But to do that how I want, I’m going to need to have several unpublished projects using the template at the same time. Is this possible?

I found this reply from a Webflow team member but it’s from 2015. Is this still the way they handle templates and projects?

You don’t need to delete your first site while you are just working around with the templates :smile: The template license is good for one published site, but you can make multiple design copies, we operate on the trust system.

Please know I am not planning on publishing these projects. I’m just wanting to use them to learn how to create advanced layouts in Webflow.

I question the need for Webflow if you intend to use pre-made templates? It’s the opposite of what it does well in my opinion.

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I’m using the premade templates to learn advanced layout techniques. I’ve found it to be a fantastic way to learn. :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

The power and utility of Webflow is that you can design and develop what you want without the constraints of preconception of what you want to achieve. I’d say start with a blank site and focus on the design you need rather than starting with someone else’s pre-conception of what may be needed in a template. Almost certainly you’ll find the use case you need was not considered in a catch-all template. Many answers to what you want to do have been answered by the community.


Nonetheless, I think it would be good to get an answer to this.

Are bought templates reusable, if the project was not published?

The answer would be a good addition to this topic: