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Can I save unused template pages without always publishing them?

I built a client site based loosely on a large set of templates (Unpack UI Kit, which is quite good), but mainly just used it to pick and choose certain interactions and widgets.

When done with the template I put it in a password-protected folder, so we can use other elements in future. Client paid for it, so I don’t want to just delete it from the project.

However, when we publish the client’s site it takes a long time, presumably because it’s re-publishing the entire site, plus the entire template site.

  • Is there a way around this?
  • Can we move the template to a different project without having to re-purchase it?

Hi @MarkBult

Have you dropped a line yet ?

They’ll let you know what is possible with templates and purchases…


I have not. But I will.

Email response from Support:

Thanks for reaching out. At this time you cannot publish only certain pages. You have to publish the whole site. As for dynamic items, you can set items as “DRAFT” and they won’t be published but still be saved in the collections manager.

A feature for selective publishing is something we are looking into and also affects our team as well since we use Webflow for all of our marketing and education efforts.

He didn’t answer my second question, so I’m following up.

Answered after another prompt:

Sorry about that. At this time you cannot move a template. Each template purchase is a single-use license.

This is, of course, pretty disappointing. I hope support for transferring templates — or at least saving them without impacting the site you’re trying to publish — is on the development roadmap.

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