Getting CMS Site Plan - Move to my own domain later?


I’ve been using free plans to test out and put together a site for myself, but I’ve hit some of the limits (Site and Account).

I had 2 projects (2 versions of my new site, using a free template - just trying to get used to Webflow and teach myself some things).

I wanted to keep copies of both free template projects as reference, and to help build out the final version. I found I wanted to use a paid template for the final version, so kept both free template projects as versions, upgraded to a Lite Account so I could have all 3 - thinking I could finalize everything on the paid template version, then purchase a CMS Site plan to publish it to my own domain.

Then I ran into the CMS item limit…

I’m wondering - maybe instead of getting the Lite Account plan, I should have just gotten the CMS Site plan for the paid template project, and finished out on that. Then I wouldn’t need the Lite Account plan.

But - once I purchase the CMS Site plan, will it automatically be published somewhere? Or, not until I hit the Publish Button in Designer.

Also - if it’s easier to see the finalized version of the site by publishing it, I don’t mind keeping the site on Webflow as a subdomain (or however it is) until I’m ready - but then I need to ultimately redirect it to my own subdomain. Would that be a problem? (to clarify - my intent is to have the CMS site hosted by Webflow, but pointed to my own domain)

And if all I need is a CMS Site plan, I’ll go ahead and do that, and contact support for a refund on the Lite Account since it seems I may not need that.

I hope this makes sense…

Any help in clarifying and making me a little more smart on this, would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Hi @michaelko, thanks for your post.

It sounds like all you need is the cms site plan and our support team at can help with that change :slight_smile:

The cms site plan increases your limits and lets you still keep the two unhosted projects. On the Free Account plan, you can have two projects without hosting with 2 pages each and unlimited projects that each have their own paid site hosting plan.

Once you purchase the cms hosting plan, you will be able to add your custom domain to that project on the hosting tab of project settings and publish the site to the staging domain ( or to the custom domain ( or both.

In addition, you will still be able to publish the other two projects that are unhosted, to their respective staging domain urls.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

Many thanks, @cyberdave, appreciate it!

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