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Copy paid template to unpublished project


I’m a bit unclear about the rules regarding template licenses.

I’m aware that you need to buy a licence for every published site that uses a template. But would it be possible to copy a template to a new unpublished project, and only pay another license when the copied project gets published?

It would be nice if I could have my own starter template, with my own adjustments, and only pay licenses as soon as I (re)use it on a published site.


Good question.

If you copy the template part by part, and adjust the bits to your preferences, add and change things, that’s becoming your template. if Webflow technically allow you to do so… then you’re left to ask yourself if you’re abusing the licence. A good way to feel comfortable with this situation is to make consequent changes and to really make it your own.

Also you can still ask support for an official answer, showing them your version and the original version.

Hey Vincent, thanks for your response.

I agree that what your describing might be abusing a license. It’s not what i’m after.

The reason for my question is more about having the liberty to keep changes I made in a template for other projects. And ideally I would only have to pay the second license if that second site gets published.

So it’s not about changing an existing template extremely and then pretend it’s my own. I happily keep paying licenses every time I publish a site using the initial template.

I just think it’s a waste to not be able to re-use changes I made to a template.

What about hiring the author of the template to sell you a similar Webflow website with a fair price for multiple reuse?