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Can I Create Template from Scratch to sell or share for Freebies?

Hi, I have a question, I found this on > “If you use Webflow to build a site from scratch (not based on a free or paid template), you can do whatever you want with it. You are not subject to the Single Use License. More information can be found in the Webflow Terms of Service.”

So when I have Personal Plan, I can create 20 website, can I create some template from scratch without template free or premium from webflow, and then I share it free or sell it ?


Hi @bagusfikri, you can create a site template from scratch, export it from Webflow and then sell that on other marketplaces. You just cannot do that with templates or sites that are based on a free or paid template from the Webflow Template Marketplace.

Normally, template licenses are per site, and do not allow for resell. If you create your own site from scratch, without using a template, no problem !

Cheers ! Dave

wow that’s great! thanks! :smile: