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Can I customize ecommerce emails

What I am looking for is a way to make the customer’s email appear in the Order Confirmation email. It currently has their name, address, and telephone, but not email. Any way to have it include this?

Meet the first email and newsletter Webflow template!

@dylang - When you say…“that specifically will be for digital download products…” - Does that mean the feature is in the pipeline, if so when will it be released? If not am I missing something because I can’t see the option in my store but could really use it.

@Andyf4 I can’t comment on any timeline related stuff besides “it’s coming” - you can see other related stuff here:

@dylang i Dylan, I’m new to WF. Impressed by you guys’ ability to take in and implement user feedback so quick :slight_smile:
I’m currently trying to find a workaround for the issue of the digital products, so I’m wondering -

Is it possible to create various types of order confirmation e-mail and assign each type to each product?

This way I’d be able to add the download link into the e-mail template and it would be sent in while avoiding zapier?

I haven’t actually started working with WF yet so not sure how far we can customize the emails, I’m figuring out the tools I need first

I need to change text or disable this line (marked RED) in the e-commerce e-mails (its the delivery address)

Any chance to do this?

I’d like to second being able to customize and design the emails… they don’t look professional at all, I will have to swap and find someone else to do the emails with for now. But if you could in the future introduce that, then it would be amazing.