Can I create an alias for my gmail account with my domain email?

Hi there!!
I have a gmail account email address ( ) that I want to redirect to an email associate with my domain name ( ) but my domain provider don´t give me access to create email alias in their platform.

Usually I buy my domains in and they allow me to create these alias, but in this case the client wanted a .pt ( Portuguese ) domain and namecheap don´t sell .pt domains, so after talking to my .pt domain provider they told me that I had to do the email alias with the hosting company, that in this case is Webflow where I’ve bought a hosting plan.

Can someone help understand if I can create these email alias in webflow without buying a email hosting plan?

Thanks in advance!

Webflow provides no email services. So you need to get an email provider.

Thanks a lot @webdev for your quick reply. In the meanwhile after looking webflow’s docs I realised that they do not provide email services so I ended up buying an email with my domain provider.