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Does anyone connected Webflow new posts to send Mailchimp newsletter?

Hi there, I’m trying to build an automation to connect new posts with Mailchimp newsletters, but not sure how much effort would it need to build this using Webflow and Zapier integration hooks.

I saw there’s a “published site” hook right there on Webflow but didn’t found a way to quickly connect this with Zapier, maybe I’m missing something.

So have anyone tried this out?

Thanks in advance :sparkles:

@uiman this is actually really straightforward. The thing you need isn’t a webflow hook but the RSS hook. It took me forever to figure that one out! In fact I had to be told by someone else too. It’s a different way of thinking about it but it works. So you need a trigger of ‘when a new item is added to the rss feed’ and that links to your mailchimp account.

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Thanks Sarah! You are right, I saw something about that RSS integration in Mailchimp and I think it could work, but I’m not sure how does it look/work to measure how it’d fit.

Have you tried this, like to tell me a little bit how does it work?

Great advice, thx.

@uiman I do use this for one of my websites but I remembered you can’t use mailchimp if you want to send the newsletter as well. You’ll need a more tech-oriented option. Take a look under the different options that zapier lists and look for one that has ‘send email’ on the result end. You’ll need that to actually automatically send the emails.

Thank you so much Sarah. I’ll check it out, but lately I think the only way to integrate this and be able to customize the newsletter would be calling the Webflow CMS API with a custom development to parse the latest posts.