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Need a freelancer to clean up a site we built

I have purchased the “Cuff” template, populated it with my content and created additional pages however it still looks a bit unfinished, and the mobile version has some formatting issues that need to be resolved.

I have a bit of a designer’s eye but feel that spacing, effects, headers, all need to be cleaned up a bit to finish the site off to make it look more professional and to personalize it a little more to be in with my brand colors and theme.

I don’t think it would take a long time for somebody who is experienced using webflow to sort for me.

Please email me as soon as possible if you could help, ideally send examples to show your skills, along with your rate, thanks.

I’d love to get this resolved quickly.

Thank you!



Hi Meghan - Just sent you a message with more details.

Hello @Meghan,
Shared some details with you please check PM

Ron Anderson

Hi @Meghan,

I just some cool information about myself in a message to you, and I would be happy to help

Talk with you soon, :grinning:

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Hi Micah,
Sorry for the delay, I thought I would be notified through my email.
Nevertheless, I like the design of the 1/2 marathon project your working on, this is pretty on point with what we want to get done for
Have a look at the site and see the rough idea of what we’re trying to accomplish and how you can help.
When viewed in mobile some of the content is out of order and needs fixing. I have a list of fixes.

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Hey Meghan,

I would be happy to work on your fixes, or I could implement your content into a design like the 1/2 marathon project! :blush:

There are a couple of options I was looking into how we could go about accessing one design:

  1. We could either set up a team plan: Can a collaborator access the Designer page?

  2. Or, you could provide access to me on your current project using your login credentials to complete the fixes. (Or I can create an additional project with the a new design using your credentials).

  3. Or, I can complete a new design using your content within my projects, then we set up a additional hosting for that project, and provide editor access to you.

It honestly depends on how much time you would like to spend, how much control you would like to have, and how much money is available in your budget.

Definitely feel free to contact me if you have any additional ideas.