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Adding a Collaborator/Editor

I’m new to Webflow. So trying to understand the user/collaborator permissions. I’ve hired a developer to build out a site using Webflow. I’ve added her as an Editor (Content Editor). Will that be enough or will I need to sign up for the Team account? We don’t plan to build dozens of sites. Just this one, for now. Seems like the Team Plans are overkill. CMS Site is $16 p/m vs Team Plans at $70 p/m. So I want to avoid Team Plan if I can.

When you have more that one person who needs access to the designer, you need a team plan.

What does adding a Content Editor do then? Can she build the site with that Content Editor functionality?

Unlike the Designer, where you build and design your website, the Editor only allows you to edit and manage the content. With its simplified interface, the Editor gives you several tools to manage a published website. And with Collaborator access, you can invite your clients to manage their own site without breaking the design.

So the only way for me to have her build our site is to have the Team plan? We just want the one site built. Seems pricey at $70 p/m.

Alternatively, if she already has a Team plan can she build our site on her plan? What if our relationship ends? Then our site goes with her and her plan?

Am I missing something? Is there another way to do what I’m trying to do?

Some people have sites built and transferred to them on their account. They then spin the hosting up and are off to the races. On a team plan that you create, you can add a team member to work on your project with you. Hosting for a project needs to be added to a team project while it is in a team. Honestly I don’t like it but it is what it is. It is safer than sharing your account password and you can mostly avoid edit collisions if you are careful.

Hi Jeff,

With this suggestion: “Some people have sites built and transferred to them on their account. They then spin the hosting up and are off to the races…” are you saying my outside developer does the work on her site with her plan, then transfers it to me?

Btw, I REALLY appreciate your help/replies!


Yes. It is an approach some take. Honestly this is an Achilles heel with Webflow today. I really hope they fix the whole designer / customer / team collaboration environment as it is very weak. Good luck with your project. Please feel free to refer to the documentation in the University for more expansive explanations.

Okay, what a convoluted system.

Thanks for your help.