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Buying a webflow template

If I buy a template can I download it as HTML or I will be bound to use that template in web flow to create a project?

Hey @ankit_rai, Welcome to the forum!

You can export template-based projects. You first need to purchase a paid account plan to activate the export feature. Read more about exporting code.

You can use free templates as many time as you want. However, all paid templates come with a single use license , which means you can use your purchased template for one project.

If you want to use your purchased template for a different client or project, you will need to buy another license (by buying the template again).
Note that when you duplicate a site that uses a premium template (no matter how much you’ve customized it), you will be charged again if the project is for a new client or new website.

Learn more about Webflow Templates and the Single Use License.