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Can I purchase a template and transfer to client?

I was wondering if I can purchase a template into my own pro account, edit and than transfer to my clients basic account and connect with hosting? And without buying the template twice ofcourse.

Thank you!

Yes, you are allowed to do that, however I think you are not allowed to have multiple copies of the template itself unless they are both for the same client.

hi @LindaLovesWebflow from my experience, you can buy as many identical templates as you need. Each template should have activation code or similar licence identification system to prevent using one single license template for several clients (it is unethical anyway). Some templates may offer multisite license.

When single license key is activated on one site you can’t use it on another website, but like I have mentioned you can buy 5 templates with single license key or one template with multi license key. I do not have experience how template licensing system work in WF but I presume that will be very similar if not identical.