Download/Save Purchased Webflow Template to my Desktop?

hello all.

i have just purchased a webflow template (‘twisted’ for $24) on the understanding that i would be able to download/save the purchased template to my desktop (for the purpose of modifying the template and subsequently uploading the modified template to my domain for use).

is this possible?

thank you.


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Hello @thed

I think if you want to download the template you need to export the code. See more here > Code export - Webflow University Documentation

Hope this helps

Piter :webflow_heart:

thanks PiterDimitrov for your quick response and relevant link.

from the link you provided in your response, it seems that ‘export’(ing) a template/site is possible if webflow users have a Lite Account Plan ($16/mo) or higher.

as i have been issued with the default ‘starter’ plan (one level below ‘Lite’) after purchasing the $24 ‘twisted’ template, export(ing) is unavailable to me. i have no wish to pay more for a template i expected to be immediately available to me for download without additional costs.

this is very disappointing.

i’ll be contacting webflow to request a refund of my $24.

thank you again for your response.


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I understand your point. Code export is different option and that’s why you need a different account plan. There’s nothing on the Webflow template page that is saying > you can download your template.

You can contact support here >

Piter :webflow_heart:

thanks again PiterDimitrov.

yes, i assumed that to purchase or ‘buy’ the template would entail being offered the template as a download option, for example, or as an e-mail attachment, without further payment.

your responses to my post are greatly appreciated. many thanks.


Alternatively, you can “Right-click > Save As…” the pages you want to export. On Windows that will also download all linked resources like images, stylesheets, and JS files.

Another way is to open up the browser’s inspector and manually download all linked resources separately.

I faced the same problem today. Bought a $79 template. Now, got to know I have to pay $24 to get the source code. It should be exportable at least for paid templates. I’ll be paying $24 and then never gonna use webflow again. What a waste of resources