Business Knights: An Interactive Experience

Hello guys!

I have recently been working with a company called “Business Knights” to make a new website for them. They wanted a site that moves and engages the user’s attention.

I’d love some feedback even though it is in the early stages!



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Nice! Lots to like. Did you add the audio via soundcloud or other. Colors are nice. and it all looks very sleek.

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@MinewireNetwork Nice clean website best way to put it is So Simple Yet So Complex :slight_smile: it also engaged me so it definitely wins in user attention :slight_smile:

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Thanks @jdesign, I am very happy to hear that! I actually used a code that pulls a video from Youtube, makes it 0x0px in size and then plays automatically on load.

For reference, the code is:

<iframe width="0" height="0" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Also, thank you for the awesome reply, @Ahmadz839! :smiley:

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that is awesome! GREAT JOB so far.

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Wow thanks! This is awesome to hear from a guy who literally made a POV outer space portfolio :smiley: