Business Knights: Ready for Launch

Last month I was approached by a company called Business Knights. They came to me because they were having business problem. Their specific problem was that common people liked their website and enjoyed it, but designers and experts noticed many flaws and issues. They needed something to draw the user in with interactions and movement…

At this point, we are ready to launch and are making final design adjustments! Let me know what you think.



Epic! I love the animation between the homepage and the “explore” page.

But when going mobile, isn’t there a problem with this page:
Since you can’t click the back button anymore:

Good job, i really like it! :smiley:


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Thanks for the kind words! I had to remove the other section because it became hard to fit it into different screen sizes. So, I added a back button when you get to the smaller screen sizes.

You could still intergrate a back arrow or something :stuck_out_tongue:

I did add one, is the screenshot I sent not viewable?

If not, here it is:

Oh it is, weird haha. Didn’t see it up untill now. But nice! I like it.

absolutely love the site. great job.

not sure if it is intentional or something on my end only but i noticed when i go into a detail page and return to home the back button only fills halfway. not sure if it is supposed to fill at all or if that is a glitch but wanted to point out in case.


also are you going to include an option to turn the sound off?

HT @MinewireNetwork WOW! I mean really impressive and inspiring!

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Still one of my favorite builds of yours yet @MinewireNetwork :slight_smile: keep up the awesome work! Excited to see this site get launched.

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May I ask what device you were viewing the website on? :smiley:

15 inch retina macbook pro

browser info:

Hmm, that’s weird. It should at least work on a screen at that size. Thanks for reporting, I’ll look into it!

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Stunning website! Great Webflow work.

Really nice work. I love the transition between sections. The grey text is a little hard to read though. I might consider creating more contrast.

Wow this is awesome! Have you added it to your Webflow profile yet?

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Thanks! No, not yet. As soon as the send the payment, I can make it public. :smiley:

Very nice site. Be sure to add -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch; because mobile webkit browsers aren’t seeing it as touch when you scroll making it feel very stiff.

Thanks @nickster ! Where would I add this code?