Business Knights Awwwards Nominee!

Hi everyone,

Business Knights, designed by me is up at or and has been added as an Awwwards Nominee.

If any of you have an account it would mean a lot to me if you voted for me at

1 day is left for voting and it would really be awesome to win this at a young age. :smiley:

Thank you all!


Wow!!! This is amazing! Great job. Was this done entirely with default Webflow functionality or did you use custom coding to achieve this?
Iā€™m just curious if this can be done by a designer without code.
Great job again!

Thanks! The only custom code I used for the background audio ;D.

Awesome man!

Congrats with the nomination! :smiley: :balloon:

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Great stuff!
Congratulation this is a well-deserved nomination. :smile:

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