Blog Posts – Insert toolbar missing

Has anyone else had an issue accessing the INSERT toolbar for blog posts? I can no longer see a plus sign or any way to insert images, custom code, etc. into the blog post body content (rich text). The regular formatting toolbar is working fine when highlighting text, just no ability to insert anything.

If you are in the editor, try scrolling up and look for it. The editor often gets confused on toolbar positioning within long rich text content.

You know what I’ve just realized when looking into your suggestion @memetican –– we have to start a new paragraph in order for the option to appear. I obviously didn’t make this realization earlier. Was it always this way? Either way, I’m glad it is working.

Yes for the object insert toolbar ( images, videos, embeds, lists… ), the cursor has to be at the start of a new blank paragraph. For the text formatting toolbar, you select some text.

AFAIK it’s always been that way :wink: