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[RESOLVED] Can't add image to rich text field

Hi. I have a collection of “Blog Posts” with the main body of the blog being a Rich Text field. I want to be able to add an image to some blog posts in the collection. Not an unreasonable requirement.

I’ve poked around the forums and people say “start a new line, then you’ll see a + icon”. I get no such icon. I get a new line, that’s it. I cannot figure out how to add a simple image to my blog post! I’ve tried in the Designer and the Editor. No luck.

This sounds like a very fundamental task, but I’ve spent over an hour trying to figure this out. If anyone has any suggestions, they’d be much appreciated.

Here’s the link to my site-in-progress:

And the read-only share:

Thanks in advance!

There is a small bug I think. @cyberdave

In the meantime, just either:

  • press enter a second time, or
  • press enter, backspace, then enter again, or
  • press enter to add a new line in the middle of two paragraphs
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That worked! Thanks! :slight_smile:

@mrbranden Hello, sorry you’ve had some trouble figuring this out. The people that said “start a new line, then you’ll see a + icon” are actually correct. Let me explain.


Hey @samliew

What browser and OS are you using? That should work just as @Scott_Van_Zandt showed on the video.

@mrbranden while we’re figuring that out, please use Sam’s workaround. That functionality tho should be fixed once we narrow it down.


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Windows 10, Chrome 59

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Hey @samliew!

I’ve tried to repro that but with no luck - on different computers of course. Both macOS and Windows 8 & 10. Both Safari and Chrome 58/59. Maybe it’s an extension you’ve got that breaks the original behaviour? I’ve had in the past cases where an extension simply crashed some functions with Data Manager.

If the problem persist, please contact Suport Team and we’ll try to find a cause of it :slight_smile:


You’re right, I can’t repro with extensions disabled…

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