Rich Text Format

So I have created blog content. I want t add some images so thought I would use RTF, simple, or it should be. I created my H1 then wanted to add my text and the + sign appeared. Used to be that if you wanted to add text you just started typing. I have not kept up with all the updates to Webflow. If someone could give me a link or a quick overview how RTF has changed I would be eternally grateful. Thank you, Robert

It hasn’t changed much in the last 6 years. You just type.

The + when your cursor is at the start of a blank line is for adding block level items… video, image, list, embed, that type of thing. Otherwise just select text to apply styling.

New things since you last used it, maybe superscript, subscript, maybe the embed element, and the addition of markdown support for faster styling.

For standalone unbound RTB’s, there’s also element level selection in the nav, and the introduction of code blocks, but these are not support by the CMS.

Thanks for the swift reply. That is what I expected but that is not what I get. Turns out I see that what I have typed is in the category for example: “Paragraph” when I am typine I cannot see what I am typing and then if I hover over it I can see the text. I can change the text color to a different color than that background but can only see it when I hover. I tried signing out and signing back into Webflow and sometimes that works, not today? I don’t have that much experience as I only use Webflow now and then. Is this something to open a ticket on do you suppose with support?
Now when I hover it does nothing, here is my read only link? Will that help?
Webflow - Copy of Copy of GymTruckChicoNew If you can choose the page you will look for Chico Personal Trainer Blog, thanks for the help, Robert

The page “personal trainer Chico Blog” has a bunch of rich text elements they all seems to be working fine, double-click and type.

Normally I would guess issues with custom CSS, interactions, or something else but I don’t see anything obvious. Most likely you have a browser extension installed that is modifying your display view, or possibly an accessibility setting that is conflicting?

Just guessing, but I’d reset the cache and maybe try a different PC.

You might do a video for support so they can see what you’re trying to describe, I wasn’t clear what you’re seeing or what you’re doing exactly, or where to look on the page.