Blog Catefory Filter - Show All

I have two collections

Blog Categories

On my blog categories page, I have a collection list that is filtered out by buttons, so, for example, one can click “news” and it only shows blogs with the category news. It works great.

However I also want the ability, once filtered, to be able to click a button that shows all the blogs again.

So far the only way I have only figured out 2 ways to achieve this…

  1. An individual button that links to a separate page with no filters applied - downside to this I have two pages to manage which are in essence identical. This method can be seen in this example notice the “all” button goes to a separate page.

  2. Rather than the category being a single look-up for my blog items, have it a multi-reference and make a category called “All”. Now all blog posts will have 2 categories…“All” and their actual category (“News” or whatever).

Neither approach is ideal. So the question is, how are people filtering out their collections and then taking the filter off (e.g. show all)

I like the Mixitup plugin, it’s easy to implement and has a great visual effect. It providers for an “unfiltered” state as well, which shows all items.

See here with the All Categories button.

Thanks, I’ll take a look, but I tend to try and avoid addins where possible. It seems odd to me that this can’t be done out of the box easily when would assume its a very common requirement for a platform that people presumably make blogs on.

Yep, I used to think that way too.

But, after using Webflow for 5 years, I realize that thinking doesn’t make sense any more than saying “Photoshop should have a button to make blue skies.” Sure some people will like it. For most, it won’t make the right blue sky, the exact the way that artist wanted to to look, and now the product is fatter, slower, and more expensive. Ultimately that kind of capability ends up becoming expensive feature bloat. Adding it wouldn’t help everyone, but it would end up costing everyone.

Other platforms take the same approach of using add-ins to provide that type of functionality, however most platforms have a plug-in model and a store that makes it easier to find and integrate these things. I’m not certain why Webflow hasn’t gone in that direction.

Either way, the result is the same- you’d add script and CSS to create that functionality, whether you paste it in yourself or click some buttons to make it happen.