Sort CMS content by category


I want to filter the displayed content by clicking on a button but I don’t find a solution on the tutorial or on the forum.

For example :

I want to click on the “Marketing button”, and only display the content which is in the “marketing” category.

On the admin side, I have several articles with different tags :

How can I do this ?

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Mixitup (search on the forum/YouTube). No way by webflow (yet) - so use custom code (less than 10min after you get the idea of mixitup - also read mixitup docs).

cms solution

Or by regular navbar (and create collection page for categoty page with filter)

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@lemundibu I just did this and used tabs and it worked perfectly. In each separate tab you can put in a collection list and then just set the filters for that list to be the same as your tab heading. Let me know if you want me to point you in the direction of more information on tabs.

Does this solution make sense? Think it could work for you?

Hi ! Thank you for your answer

Unfortunatly, the tabs are not the solution I want.
I have content which have only one category (for example “marketing”, but in a lot of cases, I have several categories per article (for example “Design” / “Marketing”/ and “Dev”. )

So tab don’t fit my need

@lemundibu The I would definitely take a look at the mix it up solution that @Siton_Systems posted earlier.



Thanks for all your informations.

I have several CMS collections pages with lot of items which are sometimes in the same category. In a same page a user see different articles from different collections. Is it possible to filter the content for each cms collection ?

Let me give you an example :

I have for example CMS collections : Marketing, Management, HR,
All these collections are displayed to the user.

In each CMS collections, I have different items which belong to a category.
For example : “Tools”, “Conference”, “Meet-up”, “Jobs”…

I want to filter all these CMS collection with a specific tag ou keyword. For example display only the items from each collection with the keyword “tools”, so i can read all articles from each CMS collection with this key word (Marketing + tools, HR + tools, Conference + tools)…

Is it possible with Mixitup ?

Best regards

@lemundibu I’ve tried to do a filtering system without any code (because I don’t code). It’s a work around - I used tabs, buttons & interactions to create up to 3 filtering options. Check it out -

If this is something similar to what you want to do, then I can explain what I did. :slight_smile:

Hi Rohan !

Yes it’s something like that !

I will be very happy to have your explanation or tutorial :smiley:

@lemundibu Based on your example, I’ve done a basic filtering system. I’ve added Rich Text. But you can add anything else instead, including CMS collections. :slight_smile:

Watch the video and let me know if this is what you need, and I’ll tell you how to do it. :slight_smile: