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Blogging Via Webflow

Along with many others, I would certainly love an update from the Webflow team on blogging with Webflow – even just a definitive “yes, it’s coming this year” would be great!

I know moving a Webflow site to Wordpress is doable from scratch as this Webflow export to Wordpress (from scratch) demonstrates. Are there any other more automated tools that can handle the conversion?

I’d also like recommendations of how others are handling blogging in connection with Webflow. I’ve been considering a Webflow hosted site linking out to Tumblr but not sure that’s a real professional solution. Or pasting Tumblr or other blog into the site.

I know that many think Wordpress is the go to for blogging and small business websites but my clients, for certain, and myself sometimes find it overkill for what is really needed. I’m continually looking for a simple, easy to update solutions.

This would be nice to know… I would love it if Webflow could act as a CMS. It could easily replace wordpress if it did.

CMS will more than likely be part of the new Webflow update. No, comfirmation but a looot of people have been asking for it. When it comes? Only WF know.