Can't create a forum in Webflow

Webflow mentions Blogs many times in their videos and documentation, but in fact there is no way to create a blog using Webflow. That in spite of the fact that users have been asking for that capability for more than 4 years.

Even using Zapier, it looks like you should be able to implement a blog, but I don’t think it works. It only works by manually updating a row in a google sheet which then updates your CMS. But there is no way for users to update your CMS on a Webflow page.

If I’m wrong I’ll admit it, but I’d love to know how to do it.

… what?

Tons of people build blogs on Webflow. I’ve built blogs on Webflow.

There’s literally a “blog posts” preset when creating a collection list.


I agree with @Cricitem

Webflow has the best CMS system and blog functionality. Can you explain more what you want to say?

Here’s a custom blog for a client >

@mwulfe This might help you. A Blog is created in Webflows CMS capabilities and is very easy to set up and keep updated.

OK, I’m thinking more of a forum rather than a blog. My bad.

thanks for the clarification :slight_smile:

Forums, like this one are actually web apps that require a lot of backend code. This forum is actually a forum and hosted externally.

At this time you cannot create a forum in Webflow.

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Ah! Yeah. No way to create a forum.

But I’m sure with that correction you immediately realized Webflow never mentions building forums within Webflow.

Even this forum isn’t built in Webflow.

Beat me by like literally .6 seconds. I saw you responding and tried to double-time it.

Curse you.

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This should help

How about a blog where people can comment and the author can reply to it?
Making the site more interactive…

Definitely this can be done. You can add comments to a blog using disqus, actually that platform is the one that Webflow uses for its own blog.