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Black&White design

Well, I know here is a lot of much more experienced and more professional web designers. But I will risk :blush:

Want to share with you results of my very first work with Black&White style in web design.

It was long time work. Customer had change her mind about style and content many times. But we finally came to the finish. It wasn’t easy, but I am pretty much satisfied of result.
(Customer is from Ukraine and working with local society, so site has no English language, sorry.)


Hello @sabanna :) Great to hear from you!

I like the design very much - very aesthetic. I only don’t like the nav:hover which looks odd…
On main page you can’t access “Consultations” page.
Instead of HyperComments I would recommend Disqus.

On Consultations page you have this strange nav element. I assume it’s there on other subpages as you’re using a Symbol I think.

That’s what I saw in the first check. Anyway, great website :)

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Thank you, @bartekkustra :slight_smile: looks like I lost one empty navlink during all this changes!
About hover effect probably you are right, will try to make it not so “crazy” :smiley:

Why do you prefer Disqus?

Thanks for feedback :innocent:

I’ve used Disqus for few other projects and it’s much better, faster and “cleaner” in my opinion. It’s dashboard and installation is super easy and you can manage that as well easily. Give it a try at their website and compare with your tool.

Thanks for fixing stuff ;)

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