My site-portfolio

Finally got my portfolio site done. It wasn’t easy, because I had to stop my imagination in some point, other way I would never finish this site :smiley: So, welcome, guys. Feedback appreciated.


I have to say, you are an amazing designer. Its always a pleasure to see your work.


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Thank you very much, Matt! :smiley:

I like you’re website very much!

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Thanks Corine :blush:

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Looks good! I would consider adding a contact link to each page and making the portfolio link between the arrows more apparent.

I really like the way you did the overlay on the portfolio pics. How did you go about achieving that if you don’t mind me asking? I was trying to accomplish something similar but couldn’t get it right.

Thank you @soulluciani :smiley:

About overlay:

  1. create the div (will call it “wrapper”), give it size, position: relative, overflow: hidden.

  2. inside the “wrapper” add image or another div with background image, make it position: absolute and fill all wrapper

  3. create next div inside the “wrapper” (will call it “overlay”), position: absolute, fill all wrapper, z-index higher than image.Style it as you wish, add text and link if you want.

  4. For “overlay” create interaction only with initial state. There move overlay out of wrapper (up or down, left or right, doesn’t matter) on 101% - if you want it hide completely, I used 97% because wanted to make color line.

  5. Create interaction for wrapper:
    trigger - hover, affect different element - overlay, affect only nested elements.
    hover over - move to origin, hover out - move to position that you used in initial state

That’s all :blush:

About adding link to contact form to every page - good idea, will think how to accomplish it :smiley:, Thank you @soulluciani.

About portfolio link: do you mean make icon bigger?

@sabanna it wasn’t clear that it was a link back to the portfolio until I hovered over it. I’m just thinking that potential clients have different levels of web sophistication and might not realize that its functional, they may just see it as part of the aesthetics.

Thanks for the tip :smile:

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I will think about it, thanks. Just didn’t want to put too many stuffs there :confused:

In any event, the site is awesome. Great work! Thanks for sharing…

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@sabanna Did you use dynamic content for your portfolio pages? I’m working on my new site and have my portfolio setup dynamically. The only thing I don’t like is that I can’t move pieces around or add pieces per project.

Yes, portfolio is dynamic content. Every project page is a template.

What exactly you have problem with? If you want you can PM me.

Great work Anna… it’s very neat and clean… love it!

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Thank you, Sean :blush:
For some reason it is harder to create site for yourself, lol

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Annaaaaa :heart::heart: i love it!
It’s simple yet sophisticated and it’s classy :smile:
HT @sabanna

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:smiley: thaaanks Anna! I am appreciate your feedback :raising_hand:

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Great job @sabanna! :ok_hand:

I’m loving that hero animation and the navigation especially. I look forward to seeing more :smiley:


Thanks Joshua! :blush: Hope will have something to show soon :smiley: