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Best option for User dashboard

I’ve recently moved out website design project from Bubble to Webflow and it’s already miles better easier to use but one bubble functionality I could use that Webflow is missing is managing the user DB. I’ve looked the integrations but need help figuring out which one will work best for us right now.

Heres our requirements

  1. User authenticated through magic link rather than password
  2. When the user logs in their taken to their personal dashboard which should show their open tickets, ability to create a new ticket, manage tickets and put through a payment.
  3. Ability to log out

This is pretty simple functionality but I realise it needs to pull from a database and it needs to be secure. On the backend my non-technical team to quickly see and add data in the database so our plugging in our current firebase would be a nightmare. If its easy enough I’d like to use Airtable to manage the database and use some thing to pull that data to the dashboard–but it has to be easy to set up or at least have very clear instructions because I’m a completed n00b.

So far Ive looked at Cotter and Memberstack. If I understand correctly Cotter only does authentication and I would need some other option for managing the database. Memberstack seems more useful but slightly put off by the price.

Are there any options I’m overlooking that I should consider?