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Sample site with user accounts

Is there a Webflow sample site which implements user accounts and demonstrates how to access info specific to the current user? Thanks

Webflow can do this with 3rd party apps but personally I would go straight to “Bubble” with this. It has a far superior Database system and user logins as well as different types of login/accounts are what it does really well. I think the Webflow would be a combination with member stack another paid service. BUbble has a learning curve but I think in the end for this application you’ll be happier with the result.

Thanks, I will check that out.

this is rather interesting actually!

do you think it would be possible, for example, to integrate bubble into an existing website and have hide/show atributes of certain elements depending on the user login? like showing product prices to people who have created an account and have logged in and not having product prices visible to people who have not logged in?


Bubble is it’s own platform much like webflow in that it is self-contained. It also has it’s own learning curve. I am in the middle of that myself. But it is built around users and login and databases. They are two different tools depending on what you are trying to build IMO. Webflow has memberstack integration as well as some other options if you want a total webflow solution. I haven’t looked into them fully but they are their own add ons with a monthly added fee. I’m looking at building a marketplace site not AIr Bnb but concept is similar with two types of users. I think bubble handles that best. At least that is what I am going with for that.