User Generated Searchable Database

Relatively new to Webflow but have built with Wordpress and other CMS platforms for some time. I’m looking to build a site that requires users to login (membership) and then allows them to create a private “profile” and input information. This info would then be sent to a database (airtable or similar). The functionality I’m looking for is the ability for logged in users to search this entire user generated database and return any associated results. I’ve done a good amount of research to try and see if this was possible with Webflow and I think that it is possible, just trying to figure out which integrations or potential third-party tools might work best. Would appreciate any tips or insight!

I build integrations like this on occasion but on a Webflow-hosted site with User Accounts, it’s an unfortunately complex build.

If you’re looking for a ready-made toolset, lookdown the path of Wized for your UX build, and Xano for your data storage and server-side business logic.

Thanks very much! Will look into both of those.

For the searchable database aspect, you might want to explore using Zapier or Integromat to connect Webflow with Airtable. This way, when users input their information on the Webflow site, it automatically updates in Airtable. Then, you can use tools like Jetboost or Finsweet to add real-time search capabilities to your Webflow site.