No guest editor in Basic Site plan?

I’m pretty new to Webflow, but have published a site for a client through the CMS Site plan, and added an account for a guest editor to it. Result: a very happy client.
At the moment I’m creating a site for another client, but this site only has some static pages, so a Basic Site plan is what I recommended to the client and they went for it.
But now I see that there is no guest editor possibility with this plan.
Why is that?
Because it is all static pages, does not mean that the content of these pages will not change over time.
Why not a just add one (1) guest account to a Basic Site plan, that would make more sense than no guest account.
I really would like to know why Webflow decided that on a Basic Site plan you don’t need a guest account.

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Businesses make choices. This is one. Seriously doubt they will offer more features to the basic plan but you never know. The cms plan is only a handful of dollars more anyway.

Ok, I understand the Business’s choice in some point (but I don’t totally agree).
But (there is always a but … or two …) one of the key benefits (USP’s) of Webflow was and is the ability to have customers (collaborators) edit content on the front-end, so they don’t have to login to some ‘mysterious’ backend of a website and try to find the page or post where they want to add a missing closing point in a sentence, or whatever (small) edits they want to do.
Another but (second one): not all websites need collections or dynamic content, but can happily be served with just plain text, so the ‘CMS plan’ is named a bit weird.

Even so, and this looks strange to me, when I go for a Basic plan, and when I’m in the designer I can still change the option (unchecking a checkmark) to make certain content for collaborators available/unavailable to edit. This just doesn’t makes sense …

Hmm, maybe I’ll just add this as a feature request on the wishlist.

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