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@Webflow, please make editor possible for Account Plans

Hello @Webflow

I chose the Individual Pro plan due to the simple fact that I make websites for my clients. That is an extra amount of money each month. No problem here.

But what I cannot understand is that I - or better yet: my client - has to choose the CMS Plan here to be able to edit their site. This has nothing to do with the CMS Plan.

Please make the Content Editor so that it is usable and makes more sence.

I totally agree that allowing editors for even the Basic Site Plan would help compete with the other platforms out there that offer CMS functionality on their cheapest plans. I’d be fine with even just a single collaborator for these, but right now sites on this level are really only good as long as the end user is also the one who controls the “parent” Account.

I do believe there was some discussion around this during the Community Update in terms of updating the roles/permissions alongside updates to Designer collaboration, so hopefully this is addressed along that time as well.

Webflow should really reThink their whole pricing structure. As I noticed here, and also from my own experience, is that for many new customers to webflow the pricing strategy isn’t clear and obvious.

  • On a side note here, it is completely out of sync with the ease of use of the application.

A few of my clients asked me why they have to pay for CMS when all they want a static site, and even worse, they told me to switch to wordpress, since an editor there, or a 1000 editors for that matter is completely free.

The problem with clients looking at a platform like Wordpress is that they don’t see the other potential costs associated with it. Sure it may be cheaper on paper but there’s a lot of overhead that isn’t needed on Webflow.

Personally I don’t work with Wordpress sites at all as I’ve found they create more issues than they solve, but thankfully (for the client) there are about a billion developers out there who specialize in it. Ultimately it comes down to needs of the client as to whether I recommend Webflow, Shopify (the other platform I work with regularly) or suggest they look at another developer.

My clients love the Editor so I see that as a huge value add. If they need to update content, then the price I quote for monthly/yearly cost is based around the CMS Site Plan.

That said, if the Basic Site Plan included even a single collaborator I’d be able to bring a lot more folks onto the platform.