Background video not playing on recently published sites

Hey everyone! For some reason background videos in my webflow projects don’t play and I just get a still image (first frame) instead. I noticed this issue a few days ago. Given that I haven’t made any changes to my projects, I’m wondering if this is a new bug in webflow. I’ve included a basic project here with a short mp4 as its background video that doesn’t play and would appreciate any insight.

read-only link:

Same. Also videos linked from outside don’t work anymore.

We noticed this is only the case on websites that have been republished recently; they might have made some adjustments to the code that mess up videos since a few days.

Exactly! Strangely enough everything seems to be fine on mobile

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Please tell me if you managed to find a solution to this problem?

It seems I’ve run into the same issue with my background video…
Works on mobile, but not on my desktop/laptop; which is quite strange.

A possible solution straight from the Webflow support:

“A recent issue popped up with background videos not playing when reduced motion preferences are enabled on some computers. It’s possible that reduced motion/animation preferences are preventing the videos from playing in these cases.”

In Windows: Settings > Ease of Access > Display > Show animations in Windows.
On Mac:Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, then click Display.

Changing these settings on my desktop (Windows 10) fixed it for me. My best guess is that a recent update changed these settings.

I got the same reply from the Webflow support, suggesting to disable reduced motion preferences. Although it resolved the issue on my computer, it’s obviously not a solution since asking clients and their site visitors to make this change just isn’t reasonable and Webflow support should know that it’s a pointless fix!

Same here happened to me. I switched my settings back and the video starts playing again.

Real bummer though.

Im wondering if a recent windows update switched my settings around and if so, did it do that to everyone elses computer who got the same update?

If so than having a background video automatically play on your website would be pointless if everyone’s settings turns it off.

That would be a sizable group of people.

Looks like the issue is now fixed everyone!

This is still not fixed.

I’m having this issue as well, the video freezes after a second or so of playing. Does the same in incognito mode as well.