AWS SES (Simple Email Service)

Hi everyone

Has anyone successfully integrated AWS SES (Simple Email Service) with a webflow form? For example I imagine creating a form (which will essentially be an email template) which we would use to send out (not receive forms in) to a large email subscriber list. Obviously I know there are paid integrations to this but we’re looking at sending out 100k+ emails a month and it’s just too costly unless we use AWS SES (a third of the price).

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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You would not be able to do this in Webflow natively. I recommend you look at phpList which could be integrated to SES. You would host this on a VPS for example. I have used this for some non-profits to control costs.

Okay. Thank you Jeff.

I should have mentioned I am referring to the open source version at Free Newsletter Software: |

Jeff, is the same but just a fully managed -paid - version of the free

Basically yes. I don’t recall any feature differences. I use the open source version since I am a hosting provider and dev ops engineer.

Thanks Jeff. I thought that might be the case. LimeSurvey operates on a very similar model.