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Can a submitted form be emailed to an emailing list instead of site owner?

Is it possible to have a submitted form be emailed to an emailing list instead of having it emailed to the website owner. Basically this will be a membership website where customers are able to submit a form to get in contact with a service provider, and the form the customer submits, needs to be emailed to a list of service providers, not the website owner.

Both the customer and service providers will be members on the website.

How can I do that without any code and which third party tools would I have to use to achieve that?

If you can’t help, can you please direct me to someone who can help. I asked a few form submission questions recently and no one replied. (Disappointed)

Thanks in advance

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Hey a Vlady Rahn!

I’ve done similar email optin list with Zapier into Salesforce/Constant contact/Mailchimp.

Check out Zapier and look for Webflow Form to Email ESP integration.

Here is an example of setting up Webflow Email form to Mailchimp

Pro tip:

Save yourself a lot of trouble and use the same form ID name across your website for each option box.

For example:
light box optin, footer optin, confirmation view optin etc, should be called

This way you set up one process for all your optin sources than setting up a bunch of different processes for each optin source across your Webflow project.

Pro-tip #2
Make it easy for users to opt out by making an opt out page that triggers the same rules for Form-ID=opt-out-email

And to remove ‘website-owner’ you should create ‘’ then from there, you can create automation filters on who gets what submission.

Step 1: make a new email
Step 2: make the primary email notification
Step3: create forwarding rules for that hoes to website own, sales or whoever needs to receive said email form
Step 4: you can automate OPT OUT list using this same strategy

Thanks so much for replying to my post, really appreciate that.

I am familiar with Zapier, learning it now. I am following some YouTube videos by Mackenzie Child and been learning a lot, also how to send member data to Memberstack and Airtable via Zapier.

So basically, when a service provider signs up on this website, he will choose a category of services he provides. Let’s say he chooses category 3 from a list of 5. Then his email address should be added to emailing list #3. How do I do that?

Then, there should be one form with 5 sections, but only one submit button for the whole form. Each section will be related to the category of services the service providers chose when they signed up. Section 1 for service category #1, section 2 for service category #2, etc.

Then, the client can fill in the sections of the form to get in touch with the related category of service providers. That means, if the client fills in the details of section 2 and 3 on the form, that only the emails in emailing list #2 and #3 will receive the form submission per email, not 1,4 and 5. But, they will only receive the part of the form dedicated to them. That means, that the people on emailing list #2 will not receive the details that were filled into section 3 of the form. And, the people in emailing list #3 will not receive the details filled into section 2 of the form. The details filled into section 2 should be emailed to the people on emailing list #2, and the details filled into section 3 should be emailed to the people on emailing list #3.

If you could point me to a place or person where I can learn how to do that, that would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

That’s simple:

Create 5 different Zapier processes.

Form should have the following

submit-email field
category-1to5 picklist field

Then process 1 is
Optin E-mail Category A
Restrict zap filter to IF Category A is selected
Add email to Category List A

Then process 2 is
Optin E-mail Category B
Restrict zap filter to IF Category B is selected
Add email to Category List B

Then process 3 is
Optin E-Mail Category C
And so forth.

This sound like you need to create up to 25 processes for each combination of entries in those 5 fields and configure IF rules to engage each one.

I would advise you consult an ESP expert that’s familiar with multi segment drip flows with strict filtering requirements.

That is some great info, thanks so much. As you can tell, kinda new at this.

So, where would these emailing lists be created? Within Webflow CMS somehow or on a third party platform like Airtable?

OK. How do I configure “IF” rules? I hope it doesn’t involve custom code?

Where can I find someone like that?

Thanks so much

Your email list should be housed in your ESP platform and/or your CRM. I am not familiar with Airtable haven’t specifically used that platform (yet) but if airtable platform can hold Email DB and is CANN compliant, then you can use airtable.

OK. So let’s say that Airtable meets those requirements. How can I set up 5 pre-populated emails, one for each section, to have them sent to the appropriate emailing lists, including the new data the client will fill into the form?

Thanks again, really appreciated.

My team can do it if you’re interested in a quote you can pm me. My ballpark rate is $500-$2000+ depending on scope.

Or you can also use UpWork which I love that platform for hiring or helping clients out.

Here is a list of Airtable pros you can hire right now!

What do you mean with “my team”? Do you have an agency?

Honestly, I want to learn to do this my self, but thanks so much for your offer.