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Petition Saas to add to a site?

Wonder if someone here know of a plug and play petition software, to be included with a javascript of some sorts on a customers Webflow site. Should collect emails, names and return a feedback note with some kind of number/counter, or perhaps list of names that have signed? Have googled but not managed to find anything that could be integrated seamlessly on the site.

Any ideas would be appreciated to much!

What you are asking for is very similar to someone subscribing to a mailing list. Most Email Service Providers (ESP) support transactional email when someone subscribes to a list. They can also send a verification email to the sender. The only part you might have an issue with is the count of submissions being sent back to the user. Mailchimp for example, lets you access that via the API. So not much to build really.

Hey, Thanks for the reply! Yes it might be simple to hack a solution for. I was just wondering if there was a plug and play solution out there… I will talk to a developer :slight_smile: