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Webflow to Mailchimp Contact form integration


I’ve not used Mailchimp very much at all and have just recently used it a bit with Webflow’s form system. I’ve used it for forms that involve a signup option on the form but have just discovered that there doesn’t appear to be a method for everyday regular contact form use. Am I correct in thinking this?

Basically the Mailchimp Audience system is set up to receive Signup forms, so each form submitted from Webflow is an original email address that can only be registered once at the Mailchimp database end = no good for regular contact form submissions from the same email address.

Can anybody confirm that this is correct? I’ve had a fairly good look and can’t see that I’ve missed anything telling me otherwise. I know Mailchimp has a new Contact form feature but it involves publishing a form to an external page to work and that’s not what I’m after.



That’s right.

Mailchimp is not a form backend replacement. Plenty of third party form integrations can be configured to add a user to your contact list if they “opt in”. Workflow solutions (like Zapier, and Integromat) can integrate Webflow form submissions via webhooks to Mailchimp and then do what you need.

Thank you Jeff, much appreciated.