Project Design Help

Hi Community,

I am curious if webflow would be a good solution for the following use case hosted on AWS:

I need a simple website that allows users to login, create templated emails by filling out certain fields, processing payment, then sending those emails out to a pre-selected list?

I was considering using Amazon RDS to manage all of the contacts within our email list. As well I need to be able to create a custom email address for example if a new user named John Smith signs up for the site a static email address of is created. Or if its a duplicate the following would be created and so forth. Then I would use Amazon SES to send and forward the emails to the email address that john smith has registered in within the web site dashboard.

Ultimately my goal is to utilize all AWS services so that the site is scaleable as the company grows. Your feed back and help would be greatly appreciated please keep in mind ease of use and making CSS edits to the front end without breaking responsiveness is what we are looking for!

Hi Michael,

You can design and maintain the website in Webflow. But for the backend functionality, you would need to add a third-party membership software to Webflow, in addition to AWS integration.

Before spending time learning a membership software, please check to make sure it has the features you need to accomplish your goals. Some systems are more robust than others.