Avoid Spam in Webflow Form–Fitler value: on

Hi. getting lots of SPAM on different forms and domains, lately.
I have set up a checkbox for data policy. the checkbox is set to required.
Bots are still coming through with the value: on.

Any custom code solutions to only submit the form when the checkbox value actually is set to: true?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - burn und künzi gerüstbau ag – derGerüstbauer

Webflow’s spam problems aren’t related to the forms themselves, the spammers have been hitting the form submission server directly. So it doesn’t really matter what’s in your form. The form itself won’t be validated.

Even if you deleted the form, you’d keep getting spam.

I switched all of my clients to Basin’s form handler and they’ve never been happier.
If you like Webflow’s success/fail messages in the custom form design, you can make those work as well with SA5-