Using Recaptcha for forms on client website and still getting lots of spam

I have two websites, one is my own and the other I manage for a client with a rental facility. Both websites use recaptcha, but their website seems to increasingly get more spam through their forms. Is this because they do more advertisements? Suggestions for resolving this issue? I am considering adding a 3rd party to help with this, but not sure what would work best for simple booking forms, its just annoying for the client to get spam regularly.

Any thoughts??

Much of the spam Webflow sites are seeing this year appears be directly to the form handler gateway, and bypasses recaptcha.

I switched all of my clients over to Basin, and they’re very happy-

  • No recaptcha needed = better UX
  • Great spam detection, nothing gets through to my clients
  • Spam isn’t killed silently, you can view it in the spam folder to make sure there are no false positives.
  • Prettier emails
  • No unsubscribe link problem
  • Ability to auto-reply to the customer

You can make it work well with Webflow’s form success / fail messages too.