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Auto-Save vs Manual Restore Points

Do manual restore points have a hierarchy or priority over auto-save backups, or are they kicked out of the versions list by auto-saves once you reach your plan’s limit? Sometimes I would like to save a manual restore point like some kind of milestone of my site’s design, and I would like that backup to remain in the list without being overwritten by auto-save versions. Or, is the versions limit towards manual saves only?


I started with Webflow in April and so far all the autosave versions are still listed.

That would be interesting indeed to be able to filter the version list to manual backup points.

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You are right, Vincent, there are a lot of autosave backups, so maybe they are not applying the limits, or that limit counts for manual saves only.

I was also wondering, can a deleted site be recovered by Webflow? I client posed that question in the event their account got hacked or an employee went rogue, or someone just did it by mistake.

Absolutely not. If you read all Webflow site, it’s stated at numerous places that once you’ve typed the D E L E T E characters in order to delete a site, there is no going back. It’s very easily understandable if you have had any experience with the UNIX world before. On Linux, which is most likely the system Webflow is running on, the command to delete something is rm. And there is no going back. Maybe the only going back is to perform a complicate disk recovery… which is possible on OS X after a deletion for example, but the system does not allow it, at all. I’ve seen extremely important datas vanishes in my career and no workaround could be found.

An hosting company cannot take into account the case where an element in a client company goes rogue and delete stuff. Said client company can, and should. If webflow don’t provide native files to be backuped, externally stored and restored, they provide a “transfer” feature. If your CEO fears the worst, let him purchase his own pro account and make PMs transfer sites to his account on a regular basis, as a backup that he can transfers back if needed.

This is an extreme but genuine concern I think, and even when I type the D E L E T E command on Webflow, I admit I’m worried. And if I didn’t duplicate right before I delete? There is a client I’d like to bring into my Org plan to make him participate to text amends for example, but I know I will have to make them sign a special contract saying I’m not responsible for the crap they can do. And I’m going to transfer a duplicate of the site every week to the Pro side of my account.

Oh speaking of this, this is something I didn’t understand before actually paying for the org plan. When on org plan, you keep your perso/pro plan sites aside from everyone you share the org with. So it’s a good safe place to duplicate and transfer the sites to. I recon it’s less safer than having your usual “2 different locations” backup on top of the production and dev locations.

Here are images to better understand how it looks when you created an organisation. You end up with two “tabs” in your dashboard. Here are their content:

This one is the one you know.

The following is the Org one. People you add in the org don’t see the rest. The rest is kept yours only. And notice you have a log of all actions below, so you can “blame” others (“blame” is the vocabulary used by versioniing systems such as Git or Subversion, nothing personal)

Sorry I had to blur so many things, I was not prepared (: