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A way to backup the backup

The backup system is great. Buttttttttttt…by 3-4 clicks (Delete project --> “copy code” --> “paste code” --> “confirm”) - you delete the entire site 4ever (Hour of Hours of work and a lot of money involved).

The next related problem - no super admin (So each freelancer Who is involved in the project again by 30 seconds delete the site 4ever).

Last - no restore -or- trash

Financial dispute. human mistake. Revenge. Any other idea… Very Risky for now.


You should create an idea for this in the Whishlist. We can duplicate projects for backup but without paying for a second account, we can’t put them out of reach to protect them from the hazards you’re listing. Webflow is 5 now, some users have a ton of important projects, this is a good idea.✓&query=backup

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The wishlist could be very slow (Hard to stand out from).

For now in my opinion - the access to delete project should be only for the super admin (Site owner).

I believe in emmergency case webflow team somehow could restore the site (But i only guees). Even this a solution: