How to backup or copy the whole project?

I Need to know my work is safe. How do I save then retrieve a project?

Go to site settings and press duplicate on top. You’ll have a copy of your project on your account.

So simple. I looked & searched before asking the Forum. Thank you

Every site is also saved every 5 seconds and backed up every 30 minutes of activity. You can see all your backed up versions of your site in your Site Settings > Versions.

You can even click CTRL+SHIFT+S and create a version and name it whatever you want, then revert back to it if you wish.


@thesergie is the ctrl+shift+S functionality still working?

it’s quite possible I’m missing something really obvious, but I can’t get it to pop-up and prompt to create a version?

@satnavstu Yeah you should be able to hit that shortcut to create a version. I just tested it and it works on my end. That’s odd. Do you see anything in the chrome console (view > developer > javascript console) when you press that keyboard shortcut?

@thesergie doesn’t seem to be working, odd. tried at work (on Windows) and at home on Mac - Safari and Chrome + on a couple of webflow sites. Only thing I see in the javascript console is “Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CACHE_MISS” - not sure if relevant?

Any ideas? (really hoping I’m not being stupid here)

@bartekkustra if you have 5 could you see if it works for you?

Hi I tested it and it works (Mac, cmd+shift+s). Did you try creating a new site and test it again?

Hey, works great for me on Mac (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) and PC (Safari, Chrome, Firefox).

Try using this combination on Incognito Mode and check if that works for you. Make sure extensions are disabled on Incognito Mode, as they can be loaded anyway. Go to Extensions settings and disable them for Incognito Mode.

@bartekkustra @vincent @thesergie thanks guys, got it. slight misunderstanding here, I wrongly assumed you had to be in the dashboard and under ‘versions’ to create a new version, rather than in design mode. all working fine!

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