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Advanced site backup/versioning features


Would like to see a option to clean up the autosaves webflow makes. Its great that your design get autosaved but after working 2 days on a site you’ve get like 50 backups. Might be nice to have a option to clean up the most old autosaves.

Just a thought to safe up useless space :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the great work!

thanks in advance

Another good feature would be the ability to name backups. When you have like 50 backups per site, it gets pretty messy.

Well you can. If you press CMD+Shift+S in the designer you’ll gett prompted to save a back up and also a name for it.


Oh, I didn’t realize that existed! Thanks a lot, @StevenP!

No problems! It’s a great use before you make any major changes to your site!