Authoring content in CMS and using Google Docs for copy and paste

I would like to bring content into the CMS that has text and images. Can be authored in word or another editor. I do not want to be saving images, finding them, and then uploading them into the CMS. Its very cumbersome. All formating done outside of the CMS is lost. Is there another way to do this?


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I use Google Docs for authoring and edits, then copy-paste into the CMS. If you use GDoc’s headings, the CMS will preserve those (and other formatting like bold and italics). It also brings over the images fine, but they retain the image URL from GDocs, so I usually delete them and reup. You can download the images and an HTML version of a Google Doc by going to File > Download as > Web Page


that is a smoother process.

is there a reason to reup the images if they paste fine?

Hi @Michael_Cumming, here is my two cents :slight_smile:

I hope this helps! I would recommend to upload to Webflow, for a number of reasons, but mainly for reliability and performance reasons.

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Thanks Dave - that makes sense now.

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