Generating articles in Google Docs and importing to Webflow CMS


I’m building a site for a client, and they would like to be able to write articles and reports in google docs, and import them into the webflow CMS.

My plan was to setup the collection template page, and style a rich-text element for the content to be pasted into, however simply copy/pasting does not retain any of the header tags from google docs.

I have tried exporting from google docs to both rich text format and html, but none kept the formatting when importing into webflow.

What is the easiest way to allow my client to keep working in google docs, but quickly import the documents into webflow?


Hi Tobias, what are you referring to as header tags?
Can you give a specific example of what you’re trying to import?

Hi Michael,

Thanks for responding. You seem to be helping me with a lot of my issues lately :blush:

Ok so now I feel quite stupid, because as I’m writing this reply I’m going through the process of copying a dummy document into the rich text element, and everything is working as expected :sweat_smile: It turns out the documents my client have made did not use the text styles correctly in Google Docs. I’ll try to explain what my issue was anyway:

When writing an article in google docs there are these text styles called “Title”, “Heading 1”, “Heading 2”, “Normal text”, and so on. What I would like is if these text styles are retained when I copy the text to a rich text element in webflow. Say for example I would like the document in the image below to be imported into my CMS:

Now, for the actual articles my client has produced, this did not work. However that seems to be due to the fact that the “Title” and “Sub-title” text styles don’t have any corresponding tags in webflow. Apart from that, when I used a text style of “Heading 1” in google docs, it was styled as “Heading 1” in webflow.

So the issue seems to be resolved for my case. Sorry for bothering you, and again, thanks a lot for the help!

:laughing: I’ve had clients do that too. It’s a pain.

One thing I do to help deter that is to create a template where all of the styling is pre-made, and the sidebar document nav is visible. It seems to help them “get it” re the purpose of headings as structure.

I also auto-generate those documents and folders in Google drive through publishing automations, so there’s no way for them to cut corners in the process.

Overall it works OK that way, even with copy-paste. Would be nice to be able to have blockquotes and footnotes that can be captured more effectively but most everything else we want carries well, and is way easier to work with than Webflow’s editor during the author-edit process.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions! I’ll try to set up something like that!

Your plan to streamline the article workflow sounds super smart – Google Docs to Webflow CMS is a solid combo. It’s a bummer that header tags aren’t making the leap, but fear not, there’s a workaround! You could use a Markdown conversion tool like ““Pandoc”” to convert the Google Docs content to Markdown, which typically retains the formatting. Then, you can paste the Markdown into Webflow rich-text element.

By the way, if you’re looking for more ways to make the most of Google Docs, check out this link: It might come in handy for visualizing your project’s timeline!

Great advice, thanks! These are very useful settings for me, as I do most of my college documentation on Google Docs. By the way, if you are a student like me and you need help with course ghostwriting, then the website will be happy to help you with your assignments. At first, I was surprised when I came across this service, but then I realized that this is a way out of a situation when you do not have enough time to do everything yourself!

Hi @tob and @memetican, you can use Cloudpress to export from Google Docs to Webflow. For more information, see our Google Docs to Webflow integration page.

BTW, we can also export from Notion as well as to various other CMSs.

Hi @Jerrie_Pelser , you know that the integration is not working right ?
We are trying to do it with chrome, and the call back does not seem to show the webflow sites that you can choose from when trying to install the app.

@Shahaf_Benita I cannot reproduce this. It works 100% for me on Chrome. Can you share a screenshot, please? Also, if you could reach out to, then we can take it further there.