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Audio Site Feedback

Hi Guys ~ I’m super happy to finish my first few Webflow sites, and would love any comments or feedback from this fantastic community.
(FYI - this product and content are totally fictional. I’m designing a handful of sites like this just to get experience before promoting myself and taking on work)

Thank you x10 in advance.

Hey Micheal,

Great design!

When using a full screen hero, some designers encourage a scroll down indicator for better usability.

It looks like some of your content is being pushed around between 992px & 1250px wide

You have a great eye for layouts and type :sunglasses:

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Yes, nice design but, as MechKeysPls said, you need some kind of a scroll down indicator. I wait for couple of second after I see the logo for something to happen. Then I realized that nothing would happen :slight_smile: and I need to scroll down to see the content. Maybe you can use last image as hero image with arrow pointing down or, leave it this way but add a button with some text like - find out more… which will be anchor to another section. There are many ways… But overall, nice design. And yes, pay attention to the horizontal scroll bar!


Dope design!

Try experiment with some “While page scrolling” interactions though for the finishing touch.
Parallax backgrounds etc.

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Hi @Micheal_Beaulieu,

Cool design :slight_smile:
Be careful you have an horizontal scroll on the main page.
Have a nice day

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Hey guys ~ your feedback is all very much appreciated. I believe you were right about needing more direct instructions about scrolling down, and I’ve added an element to encourage that. Cheers!