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Portfolio-site feedback

Hello everyone. Just would like to ask your feedback about my portfolio web-site.
Will really appreciate some sugetions about improvement. Thanks in advance
Here is site link

I like it :slight_smile:
I would do a side load trigger for the Yes im a Graphic designer, with some movement.

Big thanks for your sugestion. Actually I was planing but forget. Probably I will make on page scroll

Hi Michael,

I like the dark mood. Your design feels very consistent, which is great.

Found a few things that could need improvement in my opinion:

  • When hovering over your buttons (e.g. social buttons), I need to almost hit the center to have the icon colour changed. Would be great to have it change as soon as the mouse moves over any part of the button.

  • The page transition on your portfolio page is very fast, it flashes in a pretty harsh way, especially since it’s using very bright colours in contrast to the dark setting of your site. Maybe try to give the interaction more time and smoothing?

  • I’d love to read a bit more about your work rather than just looking through images.

  • Using your whole logo as a favicon makes it almost not recognizable in browser tabs. Have you tried using your “M” letter only? Might be worth a try.

Again, you did a great job!

Thanks a lot Chris. I will try to fix it.Big thanks for detailed comment