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Feedback on Voice Over artist portfolio site

Site ready for some feedback. Completed this site using the background scroll interaction, custom cms slider and html embeds for bandcamp.

Look forward to any suggestions for tweaks that could make it better. Client looking to launch on monday.


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  • nice type choice to help express her personality
  • background scrolling interaction! yay!
  • uh oh… when scrolling back up, then interaction happens too fast.

great job overall! :smiley:

what interaction is happening too fast? bg scroll?


scroll down past the hero row, then back up.

got it thanks :wink: that will need a fix

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Great overall;

Two more things to watch out for;

  1. Horizontal scroll
  2. Implement a load interaction so that the font flickering on load is hidden while the fonts load.

I can’t find that slight horizontal scroll issue, I have no idea where it comes from and I only get it on my large desktop. I thought it was because of the editor login coming in on the bottom of the page from webflow.

and how do I accomplish #2?

thank you, it bugs me too I just thought I had to live with it.
appreciate the feedback

  1. Try setting your navbar to 100% as opposed to 100vw. I think the interaction fadein from right is causing the overflow. You might want to look into that.

  2. Here is a nice tutorial by Webflow on how to make a page preloader;

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