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Are templates hosted or delivered as files?

When I try to purchase a template I’m prompted to enter a site name ( I want to use the template with my own host. If I buy a template is it a hosted template that I have to use on Workflow’s server?

Hello @crabshell :smile:

The site is hosted on our servers. If you would like to export your site, just click on the handy dandy export tool.

For more information on this, please refer to this article:

hope this helps

I tried the export tool and it won’t let me export a .zip since I have a basic plan. I downloaded the code and the site is not functional. It’s missing the javascript and external javascript links (jquery, google fonts, etc.).

Hi @crabshell, thanks for the update. Exporting is a paid-plan feature, available on the Personal plan or higher:


Before I purchased the template I was told that is was exportable. Now that I’ve purchased it I’m told it is NOT exportable. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for your bait and switch tactics. This will be reflected in my reviews and forum posts so I can warn other users.

Hello @crabshell, I am sorry for the confusion about this. The templates are designed to be created online in Webflow as a site. Later you can export the site.

All templates are exportable, if you are on the Personal plan or higher:

Webflow would certainly never would try to use any bait and switch tactics, I can assure you of that :smile:

Please send me an email at, and I will be happy to work this out with you :smile:


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