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Initial doubts about Webflow

Hello, I have a lot of questions about the plans.

I want to build a website via webflow but I want to host it on another hosting server. Does it work normally? Contact forms, registration forms, etc.

Another question, do I hire a plan and have the templates released or do I need to hire a plan and then buy the template?

One more question, do I create my website and then contract the plan or can I only create my website (it will have 13 pages) after I hire a plan?


To host on another server you just need to have the ability to export the code. You can compare the account plans to see what is appropriate for you but you’ll need the code export feature to make use of this.

In terms of functionality, it doesn’t quite work as it works in Webflow. Forms need a back-end processor, either locally hosted and written or using something like Zapier.

I’m not sure I follow your other questions so do feel free to follow up with more detail for an answer, but essentially you can build your own site or buy in a template to use - your account plan will dictate any restrictions you may experience with a given template though. If you’re building and hosting on Webflow you can buy the hosting when you’re ready, or if you’re exporting then you can upgrade your account plan when you’re ready to export.

I appreciate the explanations.

So I sign a plan and have all the templates released?
Or do I sign a plan and still have to buy the template I want?


you still have to buy templates separately. Webflow does have some free ones though, but you got to do a bit of research on that one :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot robingranqvist! :slight_smile:

Just one thing,
Can I use external forms in the code generated by the webflow?